Going on a first date with someone new can be awkward as you try to get to know one another. Despite this, Bustle says that there are certain questions that you just can't ask on the first date.

  • "When we're married...?" Anything that comes after that assumption is something that just should not be asked on a first date... or a third date... or any date sooner than making things official. You don't even know if your date wants to ever get married, let alone to someone she is on a first date with!
  • "Do you (insert any sexual act here)?" I understand that you're trying to get to know your date, but to assume that it is appropriate to ask them about their sexual history or preferences is to assume that anything is going to happen between you two that night. Don't make those kinds of assumptions because you might have had a chance before, but now you definitely don't have a chance at all.
  • "How much do you make?" If there is a number in your head that you want them to respond with (or above it) then you should not be dating them or anyone else for that matter. Money is not something you should talk about on a first date because it implies that it may be a deal breaker if they don't earn enough for your standards.

When dating, it is easy to get eager and excited at the prospect of finding someone that you really hit it off with. However, you need to understand that a question that you think is acceptable to ask could really turn off the other person.

(via Bustle)

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