I have two jobs, I don't make a ton of money (but I survive just fine), and when I want to splurge on something, I do it without feeling guilty for it. It feels so good to buy a new record or new shirt without guilt. Just because something is not a necessity doesn't mean you have to feel bad for buying it.

An indulgence every once in a while (think once a month, not once a day) can make those goodies feel that much better because they are special, they are earned, and they are things that you really, really want. Don't feel bad for that!

When you're on a budget, you could feel deprived and deprivation can affect your mental health. So even if your budget is tight for the moment, allow yourself a little splurge every once in a while... like an ice cream cone or a nice lipstick. You will feel so much better about your financial situation knowing you can buy the nicer things in life sometimes.

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