Like many of us, I definitely don't take full advantage of my lunch hour at work. Only twenty percent of people even step away from their desks during this time. However, you can actually accomplish a lot in that span of time if you really put your mind and body to it. Bustle has some suggestions of a few things that you can do on your lunch hour away from your desk.

  • Schedule appointments that you need to make, try planning ahead for the weekend, or even just for the evening after work.
  • Called loved ones especially if they are also on their lunch hour. It's so much nicer to talk to someone versus texting them, and it will definitely make the rest of the work day just that much easier afterward.
  • Do your grocery shopping if you're feeling ambitious. It will save you that extra hour after work that you would have otherwise used for it.
  • Exercise! Take a stroll around the block outside by your building, or some offices actually have a gym for their employees which you can take advantage of during your lunch hour.
  • Meet friends for lunch, not co-workers, but friends who don't also work with you. It's a refreshing change of scenery for one hour that you would not otherwise get.

Studies show that our work can suffer if we stay in the same environment for too long, so try to get away from your desk at lunch. Your job will thank you!

[via Bustle]

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