We here at Wild 104 are giving you two chances every weekday throughout the month of May to win money. And, it made me think...what kind of money winner are you?

Are you the one that when you win on a scratch off, you treat yourself to something that you wouldn't normally buy or something that others might think is wasteful? Or, are you the one who is practical with the winnings? You know, pay bills, save it or invest it.

I guess it comes down to one thing...whatever makes you happy! I would make a trip to the jewelry story!

Well, whatever kind of money winner you are, you better start thinking about what you would do if you won some money! We are giving you a ton of chances to win some cash all month long!

When you hear the cue-to-call, be the 25th nationwide caller at (877) 854-WINS (9467) to win cash.


What would you do if you won some CASH?


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