The debate will begin soon if it hasn't already, gift cards or cash. That is always a big debate at my house around Christmas. If you think about it they are kind of the same thing but then not really. A gift card could be to a specific store or restaurant where as cash is just that cash.

Some have argued that is you get a Visa or American Express gift card it is the same as cash. When my husband and I choose to send a gift card we usually get a Visa gift card and follow it with the comment "They can use it for anything anywhere". That is true so in a way it would seem to be just like giving cash but it really isn't.

So why am I hung up on giving cash not cards. Simple, it is a childhood memory I have of my Grandpa at Christmas. Not matter how many present s were under the tree there was always a bank envelope in our stocking with a crisp bill tucked inside. It was always great to peer thru the window and see a President staring back. Lots of years it was Lincoln, then Jackson and then finally one year it was a Benjamin.

Truth is the amount never matter because the reason behind the cash was not for us to necessarily put it in the bank which we sometimes did but it was so we could put in in our wallet and spend it one Saturday when we were out with Pop. He called it buying a little something for our self with his money.

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