Online dating is very popular these days. Considering how busy people are, it's no surprise that singles take that route to find that special someone.

A new study by a dating app called Hinge figured out the best and worst things you can say when you start talking to a potential date online.  The two best things are . . .

1.  "Haha."  Or "lol."  Conversations where you laugh a lot are 17% more likely to lead to phone numbers being exchanged.

2.  "I like your name."  Complimenting someone's name makes you 12.5% more likely to get their number.

The two WORST things you can say in your first conversation are . . .

1.  "Sorry."  People who apologize for anything in the first conversation are 56% less likely to eventually exchange numbers.

2.  "Let's get together next week."  People who don't pick a specific date to meet up are 40% less likely to exchange numbers. (Mashable)

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