When planning for the wedding, it can be easy to forget that life is going to exist after the wedding, and it may be one you're not prepared for. Brit.Co found out a few things that couples wish they knew before getting married.

  • Division of household chores and responsibilities are something that is often not discussed enough before getting married, especially when considering children and what that will mean.
  • Marriage is boring unlike when you first got engaged, or your honeymoon, marriage will eventually get boring, but that is okay! The trick is to find happiness in the predictability and stability of your marriage.
  • Life is not always perfect and neither will your relationship be just because you are married now. It's okay to disagree or go through rough patches, it's how you come out of them that makes your marriage stronger.
  • You can't change anyone by marrying them. Odds are, they will be the same person the day before the wedding that they are the day after the wedding. I'm sorry about that.

Whether any of these things could be deal breakers for you or not, I hope you and your fiancée talk more about the marriage after the wedding to make sure you two are really meant to be.

(via Brit.Co)

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