In this modern age, some women (and men) are opting out of getting married. Maybe they have divorced parents, or maybe they just don't believe in that kind of commitment. Regardless of their reasoning, it's okay! Here are a few things that Cosmopolitan says you should not say to women who don't believe in ever getting married.

  • "Don't you want the commitment?" This assumes that there is no commitment in any relationship that doesn't involve a signed piece of paper.
  • "I'd never feel secure!" Then that is why marriage is good for you! But some people find security with a partner without a diamond. Every relationship is different.
  • "You should validate your relationship." Any relationship in which two people love and value each other is valid.
  • "Didn't you dream of your wedding as a little girl?" Possibly they did, but that doesn't mean they have to then have a wedding. I once dreamed of being a farmer, and now I live in the suburbs. Things change!
  • "Do you really just want a boyfriend forever?" They want a partner, as does any one who is married wants. The titles do not have to define the commitment level or relationship as a whole.

Some people do not believe in marriage. It's not a requirement if you really love and trust someone. And in this day in age, nothing is permanent, not even marriage! So enjoy your love regardless of titles and signed papers and rings.

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