I don't consider myself an overly classy or sophisticated person, but I do consider myself polite and generous, which nowadays comes off as classy because so few people act that way! We judge how classy someone is based on outer things (most of the time) such as their dress, speech, demeanor, maybe their age, their worldliness, etc.

You may be thinking that you need money to be considered classy, and yes that used to be the case but not so much anymore. For example, one VERY simple thing you can do to increase your classiness a bit is just holding the door open. It may not seem like a big thing, but it shows a lot of respect and kindness!

Well a new survey of over 2,000 Brits, revealed  the 'things' or signs that determine whether someone is classy or not. Below is a list for males & females on the 10  classiest things you can do. However, don't think that's the entire list. Oh, no!!! There are at least 50 signs to tell if someone is classy... it isn't an easy process!!!


So without further ado, see how classy you are!!....

The 10 signs of a classy man...
1. He's respectful of women (well half of my generation is out...)
2. He holds the door for other people
3. He takes pride in his appearance
4. He stands when a woman sits down at the table (HA!)
5. He takes his hat off inside
6. He has a firm handshake
7. He knows when to admit he's wrong (... does any man?!!)
8. He owns a tailored suit
9. He always smells nice
10. He wears ironed shirts

& the 10 signs of a classy woman...
1. She wears subtle make-up (& there goes the other half of my generation....)
2. She ages gracefully  (don't we all want that!)
3. She has confidence
4. She never drinks directly from a bottle (HA! I'm out!)
5. She accepts compliments well
6. She only wears heels she can walk in
7. She always smells nice
8. She doesn't downplay her intelligence
9. She reveals her cleavage sparingly (If I had any to reveal haha)
10. She wears dresses that aren't too tight or too loose

Okay, now if that all sounds like A LOT of work, then luckily for us the survey also made a compiled list of the few things anyone can do to seem more classy: Saying please and thank you, start reading more, stop swearing (welp looks like I'm out hahah!), work on your table manners (always know which silverware to use), and don't start eating a meal until everyone gets their food.

[VIA: DailyMail ]

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