Dating is hard, and I don't envy those still out there looking for the one. Men and women do not date the same way, and definitely fall in love differently. Here are some of the differences between how opposite sexes tend to fall in love.

  • Women tend to be less visual when it comes to falling in love, so they tend to need to get to know a person more before they can say that they're falling in love. Men, on the other hand, are much more visual and can say they are falling in love before ever actually meeting the person they are attracted to.
  • As a result, men might experience love faster and that means that they also tend to say that they love the other person first. This makes sense because men are attracted to the other person much more sooner (visually) than women who want to get to know the other person more before admitting attraction.
  • Men and women look for similar things for long-term partners because I think, ultimately, we all want to have successful relationships. Kindness, intelligence, understanding and the like are all important traits to have for those who want long-term relationships.

Obviously, everyone is different, and you may not always follow how your sex tends to act. However, if you're just meeting someone, this can be a safe way to assume how the person you're interested in may act.

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