Local service organizations are a great way to meet new people AND help out your neighbors right here in the Southern Tier.

Last night I was at an event at the Sons Of Italy in Endicott. I am a member of the Sons of Italy lodge and love how they always have different and fun events that take place there.

But, did you know that not only is it a great place to socialize but they are always giving back to the Greater Binghamton community.

According to their website, this year alone they have donated to the Alzheimer's Foundation, Coolies Anemia and the Endicott lodge often donates to a large number of local charities including school districts, sports teams and individuals in need.

The Sons of Italy is just one of many great local service organizations that do so much for the Binghamton area community. If you want more details or information on joining click HERE.

If you are not feeling the Sons of Italy, you should consider another club like the Binghamton, The Knights of Columbus or another locally based service organization.

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