I have spent enough time in a hospital room over the years to know that if I never have to see one again I will be happy. But, I still never really know what to bring someone when I visit them in a hospital.

Of course, there is the typical flower arrangement, or a card. But, other than that I never really know what to bring someone in a hospital when I visit.

A guy who was just in the hospital posted a list on Reddit of some practical things he wished people had brought him. He did get a bunch of flowers, which was nice, but was needing some more practical stuff too.

Here is his list of things he came up with:

1.  Moisturizer.  They had to wash their hands a lot, so they got pretty dry.  And the air was dry too, so they also wish they'd had chapstick.

2.  A really long phone charger.  Like one of those ten-foot ones, so they can still use their phone while it's charging.

3.  Gift cards for any restaurants nearby that deliver.  Some hospitals DO allow it.  Just check with their nurse or doctor first, because they might be on a special diet.  Another thing they wish they'd had were condiment packets.

4.  Anything to keep them entertained.  Like a book, a deck of cards, or an iPad they can borrow to watch Netflix.

5.  A sleep mask and ear plugs.  The beeping from the machines gets annoying.  And sometimes nurses do their rounds at odd hours, like 3:00 AM.  So it's hard to sleep.

They also said it can get pretty lonely and depressing when you're in the hospital for a while.  So getting cards, phone calls, and just having people visit was huge.

This is great because we have all had to visit someone in the hospital at some point. Is there anything you would like to this list?

[via: Reddit]

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