I hate the fact that I know this bit of information about scratch-off tickets. I am not sure when or how I found out about this scratch-off tidbit, but I always look at the letters instead of playing the game. The letters tell you if you win or lose on a lottery scratch-off.

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The scratch-off I got yesterday had me winning $15, which I knew once I saw the letters 'F T N' on the ticket -- it is an abbreviation for fifteen.

I am pretty sure that if you see an 'X' on your ticket you have a losing ticket.

If you didn't know this about the scratch-offs, I'm sorry to ruin it for you.

On a separate note, you should always check your ticket before you throw them away!  Thousands of lottery tickets, representing millions of dollars are unclaimed every year.  For example, a $4.6 million jackpot went unclaimed in Massachusetts in 2002 and a whopping $51.7 million jackpot went unclaimed in Indiana in 2002.  Seriously, it happens.

Happy scratching!