I had quite the busy first official weekend of fall! Check out what I did. 

Friday night, was the big football game between Maine Endwell and Vestal. I went to M–E, but of course was rooting for Vestal because my kids go to school there. Plus my son, Caleb is on the football team. Unfortunately, Vestal lost to M–E, who holds tight onto their record for the second longest winning streak in the country! Yes, I said country!

Either way it was a fun game to attend. Lots of people showed up to support the teams. The night also doubled as Vestal's homecoming, so they crowned their 2015/16 Homecoming Queen!

On Sunday I went to Dogapalozza, which was a benefit to help a local animal shelters. What a great time! I was one of the judges for the dog/owner contests. Also, it was just really cute to see all the dogs there. The pooches even got to go swimming!

After Dogapalozza, I headed up to The Choconut Inn for another benefit to raise awareness of domestic violence and also to raise money for the S.O.S Shelter. There was great live music, and information, plus demonstrations on how to protect yourself. It was a good time for a great cause!

What did you guys do this weekend?