Life gets away from us too often especially in the morning when we're being rushed out the door. Bustle put together a list of ways to feel more put together when life seems to be passing you by.

  • Have a morning routine where you can prepare for the day without feeling pressed for time, whether that includes reading the newspaper or just sitting with your cup of coffee.
  • Spray on some perfume/cologne before you head out the door. It will give you a boost of confidence and have you feeling like you put on a finishing touch to your look before starting your day.
  • Play some theme music to get you started in the morning. If you feel like you need something to energize you and get you out of bed, play some music that will get you dancing and looking forward to the day!

Whatever it takes for you to get going in the morning, feel more put together without rushing to help you take on the day with confidence.

(via Bustle)

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