Valentine's Day is coming up in a few weeks, and if you and your partner have only recently gotten together, you may be wondering what to do for the day when you're suppose to publicly acknowledge your love for one another. Bustle has provided some great ideas for a Valentine's Day date when you are still getting to know your new partner.

  • Go to a sporting event which will allow you to still talk to one another, and yet still be able to be out in public and showing others just how much you like your new significant other. See if the Binghamton Devils or the BU Bearcats have any games happening that night.
  • Go to an arcade or bowling alley because again, it is an activity that you can do together while also still getting to know one another and talk. Depending on how competitive you two get, this could turn into a very memorable date!
  • Go out to brunch instead of waiting until the evening to have your date. This can be a date that has little pressure for the rest of the day/evening while still making sure that you and your new partner are able to do something together that day.

Valentine's Day can inherently add a lot of pressure to one particular day of the year, however in a new relationship that pressure can be applied too soon. So take the day easy and make sure you both have fun!

(via Bustle)

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