I love my fiancé, and thankfully he gives me space when I need it or else I don't know how we could work together. Bustle, and behavioural scientist Paul Dolan, women who are unmarried and don't have any children are the happiest among us.

Not only are these women the happiest, but they have also been shown to live longer than those who are married and/or who have had children. Maybe living alone has reduced their stress to levels unheard of by parents or spouses.

Men's health benefits from marriage though because men tend to calm down and take less risks once they put a ring on it. Married women were more likely to experience physical and mental health issues than unmarried women of the same age.

So while settling down seems like a good thing, it may not always benefit the wife as much as it does the husband. Something to think about!

(via Bustle)

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