Proposing has to be extremely nerve-wracking, I honestly can't even imagine handling the pressure! In some circumstances you're not sure if they're even going to yes, maybe your ask wasn't extravagant enough, or maybe too extravagant! But losing the ring has to be the worst case scenario!!!!!


Sadly for this young hopeful, that exact thing happened! As he goes to propose to his girlfriend during a Yankees v Red Sox game, he opens up the box and immediately loses the ring! Everyone around him pitched in to help find the ring, but until they did you just see the pure panic and disappointment in this guys face!

Hopefully this was genuine and not some elaborate set-up to become 'viral!' & just remember if/when you propose to your future special someone ... that it cant get much more embarrassing than having 54,000+ people laughing at you for losing the ONE thing you needed to hold on to!!

[ VIA: Yahoo ]