Thanksgiving is finally over, and as December begins, the holiday season officially begins. But, beyond shopping and preparing for whichever holiday your family celebrates, take a moment to ask yourself something: what traditions are there to do this year? 

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Let’s face it, no two families celebrate a holiday the same way. While most families open their presents Christmas morning, my family opens them Christmas eve. Some families have a secular Christmas, others a religious one. Yet, the one thing that will persist, is tradition. 

Remember back to your holidays as a child, the things that your family would do. Do you remember any that you enjoyed? Do you miss any of them? Well, why not do them now? Don’t worry about being a “grown up,” or being mature with what you do. Remember watching a particular holiday cartoon every year? Track it down and watch it with your family and friends. Miss getting a present you can play with? Put a toy or two on your list, or even get them for yourself. Were you used to decorating with your family? Then set some time aside and make a day out of it. 

The holiday season is a time to enjoy life and spend it with those you care about. Find those traditions, no matter how many or few that you enjoy, and talk to the people you want to celebrate with. Make the holidays a great time for everyone, and feel free to let loose and have a little fun. No one is ever too old to enjoy themselves, so this season, take time to treat yourself and make you and those around you happy. 

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