I always get a kick out of the people asking what a women sees in a certain guy. Almost like there is a rhyme, reason or formula.

Well, AskMen.com did a survey to find out what kind of man a woman is attracted to. What kind of guy are you attracted to? There may not be a rhyme or reason but it seems that more women like the "bad boy" than any other type of guy.

Here are the top 10 kinds of guys that women like, according to AskMen.com:

  1. The Bad Boy
  2. The Surfer
  3. The Musician
  4. The Foreigner
  5. The Sensitive Artist
  6. The Dog Owner
  7. The Fireman
  8. The Surgeon
  9. The Cook
  10. The Marlboro Man

I am not sure how accurate this survey is because I don't see radio dj on the list.

[via: AskMen.com]


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