Let me just start by saying that if you win FIVE Super Bowls you too can name your price for one of your autographs.

According to Tristar, Tom Brady is doing an autograph signing event with a memorabilia company next month, and it's really only for hardcore collectors . . . because the prices are pretty outrageous.

For example, he'll sign a football for $1,000 . . . or a "game-day style jersey" for $1,200.  Of course, you can't actually buy the jersey he wore during the Super Bowl . . . because it's still M.I.A.  And also, you'd need to be OPRAH for that to be in your price range.

Brady will sign a photo for $850 . . . and if you want him to add "5x SB Champ," that'll cost you an extra $400.  And he'll also add a 20-character personalization for an additional $500.

So for $1,750, you can get an autographed photo that says 'To Matt Ryan, Love Tom Brady, 5x SB Champ.'

Or for $1,500, you can theoretically get a signed football that says 'Check the inflation.  -Tom Brady.'  And that just might be worth it.

I am going to start charging "per pound" when I go out to do events in the community. Remember when we were kids and restaurants would have that promotion where your kid only paid per pound they weighed?

I ALWAYS got the short end of the stick and that deal!

[via: Tristar]

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