If you're going away to college for the first time soon, I'm sure that you're nervous. Brit.Co has a few ways to make your first semester away much more manageable.

  • Bring things from home that make you happy whether that be your childhood stuffed bunny or a candle that reminds you of home, anything that can make you more comfortable being away is worth bringing with you.
  • Try to make friends before you arrive by connecting with other new students on social media or at college orientation. If you already know someone at school, it will make your first few days there all the more easy.
  • Make your health a top priority, just because your parents aren't around to tell you when to go to bed, to eat your vegetables and to brush your teeth doesn't mean you should stop doing those things. If you stay healthy, other new changes will be easier to adjust to.

If you've never been away from home, college can be scary. Just understand that as a freshman, every one else is going through the same feelings that you are. You can get through it with a little help and probably some chocolate.

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