Law enforcement and substance abuse treatment officials are applauding the award of $156,000 in New York State funding for helping addicts in the Tioga County Jail system.

State Senator Fred Akshar joined Sheriff Gary Howard, County Legislative Chair Martha Sauerbrey and Director of Community Services for Tioga County Mental Hygiene, Lori Morgan to announce the funding to transition inmates back into society.

New York State is allocating $3.75 million for programs to help inmates detox and get support services to remain clean and become productive members of society once they are released.

Senator Akshar says it has been found people suffering from substance use disorders need treatment. The Binghamton Republican and former law enforcement officer says the state can’t arrest its way out of the opioid epidemic.

Broome, Tompkins and Oneida Counties are also among the 17 facilities in the state getting allocations ranging from $58,000 to $400,000.

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