It's that time of year for pitchers report to training camp to get ready for the upcoming pro baseball season. It's also a sign that spring is getting closer. A win-win deal for fans of spring and baseball if you ask me.

But this year, one minor leuge player will be absent from the game. Former Binghamton Rumble Ponies player Tim Tebow has decided to retire from professional baseball according to CBS Sports. Tim spent the 2018 season in Binghamton with the Double A Mets franchise.

He is a 2007 Heismann Trophy winner who spent the first part of his professional sports career as a football quarterback, first for the Denver Broncos for two seasons and then with the New York Jets for one season, before making a decision to switch from throwing footballs to hitting baseballs.

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Tim's pro baseball career began in Arizona in 2016, and spent time playing in the minor leauges in Columbia, St. Lucie, Binghamton and finally Syracuse. He did not play in 2020 due to the cancellation fo the minor league season due to Covid-19.

I only got to see him play once in Binghamton, a game where he struck out each time at bat, but it was cool to see him playing in our small town just the same. He was named to the Eastern Leauge All-Star game during the year he spent in Binghamton, and I remember some poeple questioning that decision.

CBS Sports reported that Tim Tebow played in 287 minor leauge games and hit 18 home runs including his first time at bat in Binghamton. What's next for Tim Tebow? Maybe continuing as a sports announcer and analyst ? Time will tell.

via CBS Sports

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