When you imagine ultimate happiness, is it sipping a mojito on a tropical beach somewhere with the most attractive partner by your side? Bustle says that some things that you think will bring you happiness, shockingly, will not.

  • Buying material things as much as we think that a bigger house or a nicer car will make us happier than we've ever been, surprisingly, those things still won't make us happy if other aspects of our lives aren't as great as we would like them to be.
  • Being famous sounds like it would be the greatest thing in the world, and ultimately lead us to true happiness, right? Wrong. Even celebrities have their troubles, and happiness does not equal fame.
  • Long vacations surely must be the key to happiness, but it looks like extended vacations are not as great as they sound at all. A one week vacation is enough to get the gratifying affects! So take a week off, get away and feel refreshed!

Happiness is hard to define, and sure, one person's definition won't be another person's definition, but as the saying goes "money can't buy happiness".

(via Bustle)

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