Sleep eating can occur because of a wide variety of things, but, thankfully, it isn't terribly common. Bustle made a list of things that can cause sleep eating which you wouldn't necessarily believe.

  • It might be related to your gender because sleep eating is more commonly found in women than men. We make up close to 75 percent of those who have a sleep eating disorder.
  • It might be related to medications that you're taking  because a 2013 study found a link between sleep eating and taking insomnia medications.
  • It might be a stress reaction which is terrifying to all of us with chronic stress! Looking into ways to help manage your stress is always a good idea, but here's another reason why you should to add to the pile!

There's no definitive connection between sleep eating and anything specific yet, but it's an interesting new disorder that science is looking more deeply into. Hopefully there will be a solid answer soon!

(via Bustle)

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