Peeps are one of those foods that I only eat because they are sitting right in front of me on Easter morning. But, not for this guy.

He must be that one guy that is the reason why Peeps are even on the shelves at stores outside of Easter. Don't get me wrong, I do like peeps but when I am walking down the candy isle I NEVER pick Peeps when there is so much other stuff to choose from.

According to Bro Bible, Matt Stonie, who is a a competitive eater, just set a new world record by eating 255 Peeps in five minutes.  That's 51 Peeps per minute, or almost one per second.

Matt also held the previous world record . . . which was a much weaker 250 Peeps in five minutes.

If you could pick any candy and try and set a world record for eating it, what candy would it be? That's a tough question because you don't want a candy that is going to be heavy in your stomach.

[via: Bro Bible]

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