In honor of Pi Day, it seems fitting to know that the Worst Cook in America (at least this season) graduated from Binghamton University. Hazell McKenzie took home the $25,000 prize from the Food Network's "Worst Cook In America" for season 12.

The Food Network website states that Hazell "is a mother of two and a grad student who relies on her sister to do all the cooking". Her graduate studies is in social work at Binghamton University's College of Community and Public Affairs.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Hazell has had to keep the secret of her win and the prize money a secret since August when she filmed the finale of the show.

Hazell is back in Binghamton now, hard at work at the university. Her area of interest is children who have experienced some form of sexual trauma, and she is working on a concept for a doll that a child can confide in and then connect to an app on the parent's cell phone that can alert them to what the child has confided to the doll.

Hoping to bridge the gap between parents and their children with the concept of this doll, McKenzie says that being on the show has helped her bond more with her own son.

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