This three day weekend is so close, yet so far away! Bustle has given a few suggestions for ways to make the work week feel like it is going by faster.

  • Stop watching the clock! Just like when you were in school, watching the clock on the wall always made it feel like time was crawling by. Take off your watch and put it in your desk at work. If you're not paying attention to the time, it'll fly by before you know it.
  • Answer all the unread e-mails piling up which may seem like such a boring task, but the repetition will help take your mind off the time. One minute for every e-mail, two hundred e-mails, you do that math.
  • If all of your work is (miraculously) done, plan a vacation getaway and decide when, where, who, and work on the budget. It's a fun rabbit hole to get lost into that will consume a few hours out of your day as well as get you excited for this trip that you may someday take!

Distraction is key to getting to the weekend faster! But regardless of how you get to your Memorial Day weekend, don't forget what Memorial Day is all about.

(via Bustle)

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