Are you a huge fan of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette? Whether you are or aren't a huge fan of the show, you've probably heard of it.

The New York Post reports that the house where the show is filmed, which is called The Mansion or Villa de la Vina  located in Agoura Hills, California, is actually available to be rented on Airbnb.

The Mansion can sleep 13 guests, has 7 bedrooms and 8.5 baths. Wow! So if you have some hard core fans of this show, or just think Villa de la Vina is gorgeous, I mean who wouldn't? It would only cost you and 12 other people about $460 each to stay the night. If it's all couples going, this could be really romantic.

However, 13 is an odd number, so if you don't wanna leave one of your friends out, just go with 12 people, 6 couples, and each person pays $500 or each couple pays $1,000. Or you and some of your girl friends could get together and go! Whatever the case may be, this house is beautiful. You can check out availability here.

I was never a huge fan of either The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but I know plenty of people who had watch parties every time it was on. I know people who got invested in the couples that got engaged on the show and trust me, I've been there with plenty of other shows on tv.I am, however, a huge fan of beautiful houses and weekend getaways. So I may be asking my hubby to work some overtime so we can rent this place.

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