Having a plant can make you more aware of another living thing with the responsibility of taking care of something without the barking of a dog, or the litter box of a cat to clean up after. Bustle says that there are psychological benefits to having house plants as well.

  • They help you to de-stress after a day at the office. Something quiet, something less intense than clicking away on a computer or completing other chores around the house, watering, pruning and taking care of a house plant can help you feel more fulfilled and less stressed than other tasks.
  • They clear your head because when you are focused on this other living thing needing your attention to help them thrive, you are not thinking about the work you left at the office to do on Monday or the party you need to plan for the next day.
  • They make you more productive since you're already working on one task of watering your plants, you might as well move on to dusting off the shelves or vacuuming the rug, right?

Even if you don't have a green thumb, you can learn to cultivate and care for a house plant. Ask your friend who has a jungle in her living room and see if she can teach you.

(via Bustle)

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