We hit the gym daily to get and stay healthy. But, the biggest problem at the gym might be the equipment.

Wiping down the equipment before and after using it at the gym is a good habit to have. But, even if you do, there is still a lot of bacteria accumulated there.

According to FitRated.com, your gym is covered with bacteria. And, even worse, 70% of the bacteria found at the gym can make you sick.

The survey was done at 3 different gyms to see just how dirty they are. Some of the things to be afraid of were free weights like dumbbells, the handlebars on exercise bikes, and the handlebars on treadmills.

If you are not scared enough, here is how gross the gym is compared to other things we touch.

Free weights had 34 times more bacteria than a lunch tray at a cafeteria . . . 64 times more than an average water faucet . . . and 362 times more bacteria than a TOILET SEAT.  Which AREN'T actually that filthy.

"The handles on exercise bikes and treadmills were even grosser.  They both had about 40 times as much as a lunch tray . . . 75 times as much bacteria as a faucet . . . and over 400 times as much bacteria as a toilet seat."

My problem is that I am like a little kid, and I touch my eyes or mouth after touching things at the gym. That is the perfect way to get sick.

Beware when you head to the gym today.

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