It's always fun to take photos, post updates and share parts of yourself with those you interact with on the internet. These things all serve as a timeline for you; where you've been and who you're becoming. But if sharing your relationship online is getting in the way of you actually enjoying your relationship in real life, you may want to step back from the computer.

  • Staying in the moment is important for you and your partner. It should not be more important to get the perfect beach photo of you two instead of just enjoying being at the beach with each other. You want to be able to look back and enjoy the time you spent together, instead of recalling the hour it took to get a good photo.
  • The pressure is off to be that perfect couple that Instagram tells you that you need to be. It's more relaxing and more fun to just go to the park for a picnic instead of for a photo shoot to "prove" you had a picnic in the park.
  • You'll have more privacy and that can open up a lot of doors for you two to be your most authentic selves with one another. You're able to get to know the real person that you're dating and not the Facebook-version of that person.

Posting a photo every once in a while is okay, but a daily update into what you're doing with your partner might be a bit aggressive. Talk to your partner and find a good middle ground to see what they prefer to share and not share online.

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