You and P!nk in Arizona
A concert experience is awesome. No other way to put it, but you know that, right? And the best part is when you get to go on someone else's dime!
Latest 2K A Day winner
What would you do if you won $1000? Sally Baldwin of Binghamton doesn't have to wonder anymore because she is the latest 2K A Day winner.
The winning continues today with two more chances for you to win ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. I love that game we all play where we try figure out what we would do i…
Win CASH today!
The holidays are coming and it always seems to be stressful because of money. Well, Wild 104 can help you out!
There is still plenty of time to win ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS CASH! Every weekday throughout the entire month of November (except Thanksgiving and Black Friday) Wild 104 will give you two chance…

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