Do all of your friends ask you to make their birthday cakes? Do you go to the bakery section in the store and know you can do better? Well, that talent could get you on television and make you $25,000 richer!

The Hallmark Channel just announced that they're casting for a brand new television show and they're looking for amateur bakers. If you're the person everyone turns to for delicious baked goods, then, use that gift and make yourself some money.

Delish is reporting that the new show is called "Christmas Cookie Countdown." Apparently, there were rumors about this show as early as March but the casting call just went out. All you would have to do is be in Los Angeles from July 29 to August 4.

There is a warning, their casting call is confusing. According to the casting call, they're "looking for dynamic, outgoing cookie-makers from Southern California." The show description itself, though, says it will be "Amateur bakers from across the U.S." I don't know if this primary call is just for California and then, they're opening it up to the rest of the country or their description is just lying.

I figured, it didn't hurt to try, especially if they're going to be opening it up in the future (get your name on their mind right off the bat). All you would have to do is send in your information about why "you deserve to partner up with some of your favorite Hallmark Television stars" and you could win $25,000.

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