Fans of the iconic sitcom, The Golden Girls, are in for a treat as Sophia, Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy return with a modern twist in "The Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue."

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Get ready for an evening of laughter and reminiscing as the sassiest seniors from Miami take the stage in Binghamton at the Broome County Forum Theatre.

On Sunday, April 28, the Broome County Forum Theatre will host a performance of "The Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue." This will be a grand opportunity for fans to relive their favorite moments and catch up with their beloved characters.

This new production promises "plenty of nostalgic laughs and cheesecakes," ensuring an evening filled with mirth and comedy.

The storyline of the show takes us into the future, where Sophia finds herself out on bail after being caught running a drug ring for retirees by the DEA. Blanche and Rose, on the other hand, have embarked on a new venture, founding CreakN, a successful sex app for seniors. Amidst all the chaos, Dorothy tries her best to keep things together with the help of her much younger, sex-crazed love interest. Audiences can expect to relive the heartfelt hilarity and friendship of these four dynamic ladies.

Tickets going on sale this Friday, January 26 but you can beat the box office and win tickets before they go on sale! Be sure to fill out the enter-to-win form below and remember that this production is rated 18+ due to its adult-themed comedy!

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