Of all of the towns in the state of Pennsylvania, both big and small, Montrose has taken the top spot as the one that checks of nearly every earmark that could make a town feel like it belongs in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

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Robin O'Neal Smith of Travel Awaits took a look at towns situated all through the state of Pennsylvania to determine which one best embraces the holiday season and is quaint enough that it could be the set of a Hallmark Christmas movie and Montrose was crowned with the top title.

O'Neal Smith wrote of the Christmas in Montrose Festival and that it, "warms your heart and appears to be right from the set of a Hallmark movie." Those who have attended Christmas in Montrose will agree that there's something magical about the way that all of Montrose seems to transform into a winter wonderland.

From a tree lighting to the "Santa Roll' (in which a ginormous chocolate Santa is rolled down the Ave by kids), to a Christmas village, a gingerbread house contest, a parade of twinkling lights, and even horse-drawn carriage rides, Montrose truly embraces every beautiful moment of the season.

The second town in the state of Pennsylvania that O'Neal Smith says is most like that of a Hallmark Christmas movie town is located only 30 minutes from Montrose and that town is Tunkhannock. Tunkhannock hosts an event called "Tunkhannock Santa Train Rides and Christmas in Our Hometown." Visitors enjoy train rides with Santa, Christmas caroling, ice carvings, and a Festival of Lights which features millions of lights on display.

See what other towns made O'Neal Smith's list of "11 Pennsylvania Towns That Feel Like You're In A Hallmark Christmas Movie" here.

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