Probably sometime in your 30's you began to realize you are quite as resilient as you once were.  Partying and staying out late has more of an effect than it once had.  Maybe it takes more effort to exercise or run upstairs...

And now scientists have figured out when and why that happens.

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A new study found that our bodies don't really age gradually . . . the researchers found there are really three ages where our bodies make a big shift to their next, older stage.


And those ages are:  34 . . . 60 . . . and 78.

The researchers have also tied those big aging jumps to the protein levels in our blood.

"We've known for a long time that measuring certain proteins in the blood can give you information about a person's health status – lipoproteins for cardiovascular health, for example," says neurologist Tony Wyss-Coray, from the Stanford Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC).

So their next step would have to be the "fountain of youth", to prevent or at least slow the aging process?


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