We don't always say exactly what we mean when we're into someone. The fear of rejection sometimes keeps us from really pursuing someone. But Cosmopolitan put together a list of body language cues to help you figure out if maybe someone likes you more than they're letting on to.

  • Their eyebrows are raised which means that you got their attention. People tend to use this expression to open their eyes more, meaning that they like what they're seeing.
  • They're smiling with their teeth is always a good sign because no one does that unless they're really happy.
  • They lean toward you when you speak because they are interested in what you have to say... and interested in you, in general.
  • They walk beside you instead of in front of or behind you. If they're two steps ahead, it says that they're more concerned with themselves than you, but if they're right by your side, then they're worried about you, too.

Body language is interesting because it's unconscious movement, not something deliberate, so whatever they're nervous to say out loud, they may be telling you with their body.

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