Movies and books have done a very good job at romanticizing some things in history or life that should not be idolized. Bustle put together a list of things that are not sexy, not romantic, not attractive, not anything that you want to be in or remember at all.

  • Crime, that bad boy that you had a crush on in high school who would steal cigarettes and curse at his teachers was not sexy. If he didn't turn himself around, he is probably in state prison now. So cute...
  • "The good old days" of the 1950's when you think that people had "morals", boys picked girls up for dates, and poodle skirts were a thing. There was also segregation, domestic violence was never discussed and birth control did not exist. Ah, the good ol' days...
  • Poverty is not something that I would wish upon anyone. Going to a thrift shop or Salvation Army because you have no other choice versus because you like the neat finds is a struggle I hope that no one has to relate to. Please, be respectful and not romanticize being poor.

Things that get romanticized have a twisted version of the reality. You don't want to struggle without a place to live even though you think it might be an "adventure". You don't want to go into a life of crime for an adrenaline rush. Please, stop romanticizing things that are not safe, healthy or romantic in any way.

(via Bustle)

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