It's so easy to get caught up in a new television show or video game and then look at clock and see that it is past midnight. Unfortunately though Bustle says that late nights like that could be hurting your health.

  • It can lead to poor eating habits (and weight gain!) because we all know that late-night food binges are all too common when we stay up late.
  • It can make you sick! Sleep is healing. Your body is repairing itself from the day before and preparing for the next day. If you don't get enough sleep then you're body can't fight anything that could ultimately make itself sick.
  • It might be linked to depression which has been documented in a recent study that night owls tend to display more depressive feelings than their early bird counterparts.

Whether you're up late partying or studying, you might want to reconsider your late night habits and opt for an earlier bedtime to stay healthy, happy and restful!

(via Bustle)

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