This might be one of the most bizarre reasons I have ever seen to own a Rolex, but if it works then I say let's get one.

I think Rolex's are very nice watches. But, they are way outside of anything I can afford. But, if you need an excuse to buy a Rolex, there is no better reason than it could save your life.

According to, Jacques Cousteau's grandson is an explorer and environmentalist named Philippe Cousteau. He's constantly traveling the world.  And he says his best tip for staying safe when you're overseas is . . . wearing a Rolex.

"No matter where you are, everyone knows Rolexes, and knows they're expensive.  That makes it like currency. So if you're ever in a dangerous situation, you can use it to barter to get yourself out of trouble."

I wonder if owning a wearing a boatload of gold is just as effective. I have a feeling it's not.

Safe Travels!



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