Did you know in Alabama, if a cop frisks you while you’ve got an ice cream cone in your back pocket, you can land in the cooler for concealing a scoop?

You are probably scratching your head over that one, but that is just one of many weird and dumb laws that are still on the books in the United States.

I found a bunch of them from Huffington Post, and if nothing else, they are very funny to read. But, it made me think that at one point, these were actually laws that were enforced.

Check out some more of the weirdest laws in the United States:

  1. If you’re going to walk the walk in Connecticut, you should know it’s illegal to do so backwards after sunset.
  2. Florida has nude beaches and nudist colonies, but you risk a fine if you shower naked, no, we’re not kidding.
  3. You’d better grin and bear it in Idaho, where’s it’s against the law to show your face without a smile on it.
  4. In Maryland, you might have to suffer with a crying baby at the movies, but you can feel safe in knowing that lions have been banned from the theaters.
  5. Proving that New York is really tough on crime, the state has made the death penalty mandatory for anyone who jumps off a building.
  6. In North Dakota, believe it or not, it’s a felony as in hard prison time to lie down while wearing your shoes and then fall asleep.
  7. It’s not OK to make “ugly faces” at dogs in Oklahoma, where the offense can get you fined or jailed.
  8. In Oregon, don’t even think of walking down a sidewalk with a cane and then using the stick to knock a snake’s head off, unless you want to get bit for a felony.
  9. We don’t know how small they breed horses in South Carolina, or how big the residents build their bathtubs. But the law’s the law, and it says you can’t keep a horse in a bathtub.

So, you have been warned that if you are in any of these areas of the country, don’t break those laws or you could find yourself in hot water.

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