We all skip right by those things. Have you read one? No, Right? Mashable paid their employees to read the whole schpeel on all of the five most popular apps we use, and they have some doozies in there. Check it:


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    Facebook Owns You

    There's a section that says you grant them a "worldwide license to use any IP content that you post." Which means they can use your stuff for promotional material and share it with other companies.

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    Snapchat makes you agree to not break the law or put yourself in danger.

    Meaning they're not responsible if you use it while you're driving, or do something stupid like record yourself on the edge of a cliff.

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    Instagram makes you agree not to stalk anyone.

    One section says you can't "stalk, bully, abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate, or intimidate people."  And there's also a line that says they can make you change your username "for any reason."


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    LinkedIn makes you promise not to lie about your work experience.

    There's a line that says you "agree that your profile information will be truthful."  And if they catch you lying, they can delete your account.

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    Twitter makes you agree it's not their fault if you get hacked.

    So even if there's a security breach and it IS their fault, they're not responsible.

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