If you've noticed lately that your partner has become more distant, it may make you nervous. Bustle says that there are signs to look out for if you think that your partner may be checking out of the relationship.

  • Their phone has become more important than you and that can be a big sign if that is a new and sudden behavior. If you're trying to talk to them and they can't stop looking at their phone and listen to you, there may be someone else that has their attention.
  • They stopped asking you about your day when they used to ask you on their lunch hour and again when you got home from work. If they have started to become complacent, you may want to reach out to them and attempt to reconnect.
  • You can't get them to commit to something two weeks from now when before you were planning vacations for next summer. If they are questioning the relationship, they may start having commitment issues because they don't know when you two will break up.

If you're seeing any of these signs from your partner, reach out to them and communicate your concerns. You want to know what they're thinking so that you can ease their mind or air out whatever is grieving them.

(via Bustle)

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