A relationship requires a lot of work, and both partners need to put in the effort to make it work successfully. Bustle, and relationship expert Davida Rappaport, explain that there are signs that you and your partner may not be a good match to look out for.

  • You can't compromise which is unfortunate because any happy relationship requires some give and take to make it work. Always agreeing with your significant other to keep the peace isn't good, and never budging on anything is also not good.
  • Your values don't align such as wanting to have kids or not, your spending habits being vastly different, or your thoughts for the future just don't match up. It's hard to continue in a relationship where you have to ignore or compromise your values.
  • You keep a lot to yourself in order to avoid conflict with your partner. A good match needs to know how to work through conflict, and avoiding it all together is not healthy for a relationship.

Relationships take work, but there are definite signs to look out for to help you know if you and your partner are a good match together.

(via Bustle)

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