Summer Fan Showdown is a month-long competition on PopCrush to determine this summer's most dedicated fan base.

The highly praised SHINee, the five-piece sensations out of South Korea, have won themselves a dedicated fan base over the years ever since their 2008 debut. Just a few months ago, the group released their fifth Japanese album, Five, and toured all over the country. But will their faithful Shawol be able to push them into the second round of the Showdown?

Camila Cabello's departure from Fifth Harmony in 2016 was rocky to say the least, but that hasn't stopped her Camilizers — and many Harmonizers — from supporting her on her solo journey. Now that we've got a taste of what's to come with "Crying at the Club" and "I Have Questions," the anticipation for her debut solo album out later this year, The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving., has never been higher. Will her devoted crew keep her passing through to Round 2?

The battle starts now: place your vote between SHINee and Camila Cabello. This round ends on June 9 at midnight.

This poll is now closed. Vote in Round 2!

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Summer Fan Showdown Bracket 2017

Camila Cabello Through the Years:

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