Summer Fan Showdown is a month-long competition on PopCrush to determine this summer's most dedicated fan base.

Taylor Swift has come a long way since the days of "Tim McGraw" and "Teardrops on My Guitar." Having formally crossed over to the pop scene with the critically acclaimed 1989 in 2014, the singer-songwriter has proven she can dominate the charts to a staggering degree. Along the way, her persistent Swifties have kept her grounded. Will they be able to push her through to the second round of the Showdown?

And then there's Girls' Generation, one of K-Pop's most enduring second generation girl groups. While the troupe hasn't put out anything as a group in some time, almost all of the girls have all found solo success in the meantime, from Jessica to Tiffany to Taeyeon. With their 10th anniversary on the way, GG are ready to make 2017 their best year yet. But will their Sones help them stay afloat in the Showdown?

The battle starts now: place your vote between Taylor Swift and Girls' Generation. This round ends on June 9 at midnight.

This round is over. Vote in Round 2!

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Summer Fan Showdown Bracket 2017

Taeyeon Through the Years: From Girls' Generation to Solo Stardom:

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