With children, you have diaper changes, play-dates and doctor's appointments on top of work, house cleaning and cooking, that it is hard to make time for anything else! Brit.Co came up with some really good ways to reconnect with your spouse after you've have kids.

  • Take a class together especially if you have to pay for it because then you can't afford to skip it, and find something to learn about that you're both interested in. Remembering the common interests that you two share will help you bond all over again, just like when you were dating.
  • Cook a meal together and put the baby in their high chair so that you can all be in the kitchen at one time without any worries. Making something that you can both enjoy while catching up on each other's days is the best feeling at the end of a long day.
  • Enjoy early morning coffee and conversation by getting up a half hour before the kids and savor that first cup with your partner before the day begins.

It is easy to let things do by the wayside when you have children to worry about, but remember to always give your relationship with your partner the proper attention that it deserves.

(via Brit.Co)

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