Now I'm not a frequent bike rider, I don't even own a bike... actually I don't even know the last time I rode a bike hahah! But anyways, for any of you frequent bike riders or commuters, it can be an uneasy feeling using a generic chain lock and hoping your bike doesn't get stolen.

There have been TONS of inventions trying to solve this problem; from the 'bike unlock button' to the Bluetooth unlock options and so on! Well now there's a new one, WAY different than the others and it needs your help!

@SkunkLock via YouTube
@SkunkLock via YouTube

There's a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo right now called the SkunkLock that is looking for investors to make its invention a reality. So what does it do?? Well it's a bike lock filled with a special noxious chemical gas, and when a thief tries cutting the lock it releases the gas, causing the thief to start VOMITING!!!!!!

Take a look:

The inventors say the gas only spreads about two feet, so other people in the area won't get sick, but the thief is seriously screwed! Now they aren't sold in stores yet, which is was the Indiegogo account is for, however you can purchase one online!

Okay yah, they're $109 and won't ship to you until June but can you imagine how awesome that would be to use on your bike!!

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